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A Humorous Take on Question 3

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A Humorous Take on Question 3

So, in my last post, I laid out for you three questions you can ask yourself when feeling captive by a situation (per John-Roger's seminar). This is also a topic that I discussed in my podcast's first episode.

It reminded me of a story which Siri (who's interview will be available in Episode 3 of the podcast) told me was in the news a couple years back.

In case you forgot, question three is "What price am I willing to pay to get out of the situation I am in?".

A man robbed a bank, handed the teller a note "I have a gun, give me money," got the money and proceeded to take a seat and wait for police to arrest him.

When the police asked why he did it, he said he would rather be in jail than have to go back home and be with his wife.

Makes me laugh every time!!!!!

Now, I do NOT advocate doing things that harm you, others or that are illegal as a price to pay for getting out of a situation...and the judge seemed to make that point for me (keep on reading for the story's punchline). It really is important to understand the foundational principle of all the work we do is to take care of ourselves, so we can help take care of others. It is about moving in a positive, uplifting direction. Being able to clear our "negative" emotions in a constructive, positive way. That is the basis upon which we do these exercises. So, if the price you are looking at paying is something that doesn't align with taking care of yourself, or if you feel so trapped you are looking at doing something that would hurt yourself or others, that's not what we are discussing here. Please get help from someone qualified to help, because others can often help us see the solutions we may not be able to see ourselves.

That being said, let's get back to our bank robber who was arrested and brought before the judge. Do you think the judge gave him jail time as the man had wanted? I'm sure you've guessed that he didn't.

This man provides a humorous example of choosing an unproductive price to pay...and to prove that, the judge sentenced him to 6 months of home confinement!!!!!

I guess it really didn't work out for him. Instead of going to jail to get away from his wife, he was sentenced to 6 months with her.

Now I'm really laughing!

So, when considering the price your willing to pay, remember to be clear on question 1 (If I didn’t have any of the things I feel trapped by, what would I do?). Its important to find a positive direction, one that will lead to your greater growth and expansion in your life.

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