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A Podcast about discovering our higher purpose. Sharing stories and awarenesses along the path of Transcendence. Finding wisdom in uncommon places.

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Bigger the Wave, Louder the Voice

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Episode 99: Bigger the Wave, Louder the Voice

How do the lessons from surfing translate to spiritual life lessons?

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Episode 98: Why Bad Things Happen To You

Why those bad things happened, and how you can look at them from a different perspective

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Episode 97: Healing The World

If there is a disease in the body of humanity, then what is the solution?

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Episode 96: How To Connect With God

What's wrong with your meditation?

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Episode 95: What Is Holding You Back?

How familiarity is killing your dreams

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Episode 94: The Stories We Tell Ourselves

What stories do you tell yourself over and over that keep you stuck in limiting beliefs?

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Episode 93: Introduction to the Light

What is the Light and how do you use it?

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Episode 92: Falling Out of Love or Consciously Restoring Love?

How do you bring more loving in your relationships in a practical way?

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Episode 91: Mystical Fulfillment

Nat discusses how the concept of mystical fulfillment works spiritually and practically.

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Episode 90: Spiritual Ecology

Spiritual ecology, cleaning up our psychic pollution, is the only lasting solution to many of the challenges we face in the world.

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