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A Podcast about discovering our higher purpose. Sharing stories and awarenesses along the path of Transcendence. Finding wisdom in uncommon places.

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Soul Responsibility

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Episode 108: Soul Responsibility

One of the key workable concepts that can help you change your mindset and shift your perspective is that of Soul Responsibility.

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Episode 107: Peace Is Present

This episode explores peace, and what is required to break the cycle of violence.

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Episode 106: When The Going Gets Tough

What can you do when everything seems to go sideways and life gets really challenging?

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Episode 105: Surrendering to Spirit with Mark Harradine

A conversation with Mark Harradine on what it means to surrender to Spirit

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Episode 104: Stay Light

Nat explores his regrets, and how to learn from and use regret to your advantage.

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Episode 103: Questions To Create A Life of Purpose

What are the questions you can ask yourself to clarify how you can more fully express and create in line with your true purpose?

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Episode 102: Living Towards Health

Nat introduces his two principles for living healthy

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Episode 101: What You Need To Know

Some core information that is the backbone of Nat's work with others

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Episode 100: John-Roger's Inner Journey Through Spirit Realms meditation

A meditation that I personally use in my own life when I want to get out of my body

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Episode 99: Bigger the Wave, Louder the Voice

How do the lessons from surfing translate to spiritual life lessons?

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