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Nat Sharratt

If it’s done in love, it will work. ― John-Roger

If it’s done in love, it will work. ― John-Roger

If it’s done in love, it will work. ― John-Roger

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Nat serves as a transformative spiritual educator and life coach, dedicated to helping individuals transcend their challenges, release limiting mindsets, experience spiritual awareness, and awaken to their innate divinity.

Through his inspiring Substack subscription newsletter and the enlightening podcast "Transcend with Nat," he generously imparts decades of practical spirituality wisdom. Live events and guest speaking engagements also serve as platforms for sharing the profound teachings of the spiritual heart.

Nat's journey took shape under the profound guidance of spiritual luminary John-Roger, with whom he spent formative years in immersive spiritual practices. This profound period encompassed meditation, workshops, retreats, energy and light work, and a role in overseeing multiple non-profit organizations. This comprehensive training equips Nat with a vast toolbox of techniques to foster spiritual awakening.

Subsequently, Nat co-founded and skillfully managed a successful fine jewelry enterprise, followed by an online diamond venture, and more recently a multidisciplinary design studio. This fusion of business acumen and spiritual wisdom enables him to offer invaluable guidance for individuals seeking to harmonize their professional success with their inner growth.

With a tranquil residence in Puerto Rico, Nat harmonizes his soulful work with a life attuned to nature's rhythms. He finds solace and exhilaration riding remarkable waves and savoring breathtaking rainbows and sunsets in the company of cherished friends and family.