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Providing you an opportunity to experience and learn how to integrate spiritual principles and heartfelt insight into your everyday life in practical ways, resulting in your greater wealth, positive growth, upliftment, and a moving of your spiritual inner awareness.


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The Myth of the Spiritual Path

February 8th
4pm-5:30pm Pacific/ 7pm-8:30pm Eastern
Online | Zoom

Is there a spiritual path? How is a spiritual path different from a spiritual journey? How do you choose which way to turn when you encounter bumps along the way? How do you know if you have made a wise choice? Join Nat Sharratt and Russell Bishop as we share lessons learned while traveling the inner way home. Plenty of time for interactive Q&A.

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About Me

I’m Nat.

I’ve spent over two decades of my life in dedication to spiritual practices, including:

  • meditation
  • dream experience interpretation
  • prioritizing the integration of spiritual principles, tools, and techniques in my everyday life to experience greater health, wealth, fulfilling relationships, happiness, and a higher viewpoint for approaching all aspects of life.

From the age of seventeen, up until his death when I was thirty-four, I lived and worked with renowned spiritual teacher John-Roger (J-R), who personally taught and guided me in living a life of greater spiritual awareness.

For many of those years, I lived on a Vow of Poverty (owning no material possessions), assisting J-R in many aspects of his work including his overseeing of multiple non-profit organizations he founded.

More recently, I co-founded and ran a successful fine jewelry company until selling it, starting an online diamond company of which I am currently CEO, and moving into the coaching and teaching work I do now.

I was blessed to live with and be a student of this great spiritual being. He showed me what it meant to have someone who is there for you, someone who has already been through it, someone who has your back and who will love you no matter what. 

As a way to honor him and sharing of my business and life experience, I want to be there for others, supporting them in their greater spiritual awakening, wealth, and joy.