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A Podcast about discovering our higher purpose. Sharing stories and awarenesses along the path of Transcendence. Finding wisdom in uncommon places.

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Transcending Freedom - A Spiritual View of Current Events

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Episode 69: The 3 Steps to Living & Dying Healthy (feat. John-Roger) Subtitle

Will you die healthy or live sick? How do you live healthy even during a pandemic? Nat gives 3 steps for living a healthy life. Featuring the full length seminar by John-Roger, "Adapting Towards Health or Adopting Dis-ease"

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Episode 68: 2021 The Year of Freedom (feat. John-Roger)

Looking ahead to the year 2021, the year of Freedom, Nat explores the qualities that are the focus for the coming year, including large doses of cooperation, expression all leading to freedom.

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Episode 67: How to Create Wealth During Financial Oppression

How to Use a Money Magnet at a Time of Digital Assets and Financial Oppression

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Episode 66: Dreams of the Inner Mystic, Relationships, Clearing, Karma & Interpreting Symbolism

From live sessions with Nat, he discusses connecting to the Inner Master/Mystic in your dreams, clearing the day with forgiveness, relationships with people on the other levels, karma and how to interpret symbolism in your dreams.

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Episode 65: How to View Disturbing People & Dreams Q&A

I share an embarrassing dream story, answer questions on death dreams, nightmares, & color in dreams (you can learn more about my new upcoming dream workshop here).

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Episode 64: Dream Awakenings - Transcendence vs. Control, Connection with Dead Loved Ones, Clearing Challenges & Remembering

I share stories from my journey of awakening to my dreams, as well as the greater context of my approach to working with dreams.

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Episode 63: Dreams - Accessing their Mysteries

In this episode, I begin to delve into dreams and night travels, exploring why they have been important to my spiritual awakening, and how you can gain greater access to the mysteries that are available through understanding dreams.

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Episode 62: How to Mend a Broken Heart

In this episode, I do a really deep dive into getting over a heartbreak, clearing old lovers and falling out of love.

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Episode 61: Translating To A New Vibration

In this episode, I discuss tips for maintaining a positive focus and living life more fully by accepting your death including a technique for helping do that.

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Episode 60: 2020 Mid-Year Review

Back in December, I spoke of the coming year of 2020 including: tearing down of organizational systems of government; tearing down of structures; changing of how we relate to each other as groups

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