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A Podcast about discovering our higher purpose. Sharing stories and awarenesses along the path of Transcendence. Finding wisdom in uncommon places.

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Episode 75: Psychic Protection & Clearing

How to spiritually protect yourself and psychic clearing techniques

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Episode 74: How To Know God's WIll

Keys for moving beyond dilemmas into loving

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Episode 73: Why Are We Here?

Exploring the Journey of the Soul

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Episode 72: Are You In A Strengthening Karmic Cycle?

There are some things that we seem to have no choice but to go through.

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Episode 71: Getting Altitude to Change Your Attitude

Altitude is a huge key I use in my own life and with individuals I work in my spiritual coaching practice. Getting altitude can shift your attitude in challenging situations

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Episode 70: Words of Comfort for Christmas 2020 (feat. John-Roger)

In this special Christmas 2020 episode, Nat shares a story that took place during his time with his teacher that resonates with the Christ Consciousness. He also plays some excerpts from the seminar Words of Comfort for Challenging Times (avial. at, by John-Roger & John Morton).

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Episode 69: The 3 Steps to Living & Dying Healthy (feat. John-Roger) Subtitle

Will you die healthy or live sick? How do you live healthy even during a pandemic? Nat gives 3 steps for living a healthy life. Featuring the full length seminar by John-Roger, "Adapting Towards Health or Adopting Dis-ease"

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Episode 68: 2021 The Year of Freedom (feat. John-Roger)

Looking ahead to the year 2021, the year of Freedom, Nat explores the qualities that are the focus for the coming year, including large doses of cooperation, expression all leading to freedom.

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Episode 67: How to Create Wealth During Financial Oppression

How to Use a Money Magnet at a Time of Digital Assets and Financial Oppression

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Episode 66: Dreams of the Inner Mystic, Relationships, Clearing, Karma & Interpreting Symbolism

From live sessions with Nat, he discusses connecting to the Inner Master/Mystic in your dreams, clearing the day with forgiveness, relationships with people on the other levels, karma and how to interpret symbolism in your dreams.

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