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2020 - The Year of Solid Foundation

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2020 - The Year of Solid Foundation

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In this end of year episode, I discuss the quality of the year to come: Solid Foundation. I delve into what it means to build your life upon a solid foundation from a spiritual context, and how we can view all of the changes taking place from a higher reference point.


Nat: 00:09 Hi and welcome to transcend with Nat. This is Nat, I'm your host and it's a couple days before Christmas here in Los Angeles. It's been rainy. It's been, it's beautiful. Now out there looking at the ocean and I wanted, I was thinking about the year to come 2020 and looking at the meaning, the significance and the quality of the coming year, which is that of solid foundation and just meditating on and considering what that meant. And the other day I kinda got a download of a bunch of information and that day also happened to open my inbox and a loving each day, which is a daily email I get that has J-R, John Roger, my teacher's quotes in it had this to say, "Your responsibility is to live now in this present moment. If you do that and lay your foundation, the future will take care of itself." Now, there's a lot of changes happening in this world if you haven't noticed.

Nat: 01:47 And there's a lot of people who seem to be very fearful and afraid of the changes that are taking place. There's a lot of people fearful of that it's becoming different than it's always been. And then there's a lot of people who are afraid if it doesn't change faster, that there'll be other more significant earth changes, weather, climate changes that that will, that it seems that they're very afraid will take place. And one thing that J-R used to always tell say a lot was that the only thing permanent on this level is change. And so it seems that it's pretty on purpose that we're going through a lot of changes. Part of the work, a large part of the work that I perceived J-R was doing when we were traveling, when we were living our lives and doing the spiritual work and a lot that I assisted him in and learn to participate in was in completing old energy patterns, old spiritual lines of energy, bringing them back into what might be the source or that spiritual attunement, that spiritual flow, and to bring completion to the old and then to lay down the foundations for the new for times to come.

Nat: 03:29 J-R used to tell me that God is ...of course it is, drop my mind just now... J-R used to also say that God is a dynastic thinker. So meaning that he wasn't, or she wasn't just considering right now, but that that consideration would move many, many, many generations down in the actions taking place. Now we sometimes we're really being set up for many, many generations, many, many many years down the line. And I saw that with J-R as well and in the laying of these solid foundations. And that's spiritually being done that I experienced J-R doing and that I helped him with an assisted and many others did too, is that we were laying down these foundations for, for not just for this moment but for a long, long time into the future. As this is a period, a shifting of a cycle, a period of change that we are currently in and we see that reflected in the world realities.

Nat: 04:46 And so as we see it it's important to recognize that there's nothing really to be afraid of if you can move yourself into that higher perspective into that higher level of consciousness, realizing the perfection in what is taking place in this world. And, and, and so with this year of 2020 coming upon us this year of solid foundation one of the things that popped into my mind was a Bible verse. Now, I don't usually use the Bible. I've studied a plenty and and, and studied about it plenty also in terms of the historic nature of how it was written and how it was translated and missing and all the things that are missing and all the different aspects of how this book came to be, what it is today. And I'm going to read something. I'm actually going to read it from this book that I happened to get called The Poems of Jesus Christ.

Nat: 05:54 Given that we are going into Christmas, I think this is a, an appropriate time to be quoting the book. And basically this book has an interesting translation that from some source texts of the Greek, a Greek new Testament and things of that. There's a different history of, of the translations of this one than perhaps other Bibles. And they took Jesus's words in this book, the poems of Jesus Christ and brought it more into a more lyrical, more poetic way of saying things, but still pretty close to what you'll find in other Bibles. So this is about the solid foundations and it says, everyone who hears my words and follows them will be like the prudent man who built his house upon the rock. The rain fell and the rivers formed and the winds blew and battered that house. And it did not fall down because it was founded upon the rock.

Nat: 07:05 But everyone who hears my words and doesn't follow them will be like the foolish man who built his house upon the sand. The rain fell and the rivers formed and the winds blew and battered that house and it fell down. And it was a great fall. Now I read a little bit differently. I interpreted my own way. Everyone else does. So I do as well. I, I look at the, I interpret some of this in a more spiritual context. And so one of the things that I look at in terms of translations and stuff is you have to understand that there's people who've translate it and they trans-, they make choices when they translate on how they translate it. And so when, when he's talking about the word or words I relate that to the sound current. I relate that to sound and they don't really say sound current in the Bible, but they do say the word.

Nat: 08:04 And that is something that I look at in terms of that audible stream of energy that flows through all creation from the heart of God. And that is that audible vibration, that audible frequency that when we move into it and our awareness and consciousness through spiritual exercises, through that active meditation through awakening and using the tools that work to get you into that space of openness and an availability to hear and to experience the sound current that that is, and then ride on that into, into God, into that divine source, that that is something that if you re-interpret re look at this in terms of of that. And, and I also look at, you know, with, with the Bible that you're, you're dealing with something that someone probably heard Jesus say something and then out of memory or it was passed down to someone else.

Nat: 09:18 Or it may have been directly someone who heard it, but then they had to remember it and then they wrote it down. And that's something. And then, and then that got translated and that got compiled and that got shifted around. So you're dealing with a different, maybe a little, depending on the quote, could be far from the source. It could even be something that he didn't say. I mean, I've already seen this with, with J-R, with my teacher since he's passed five years ago now is that I've seen people quote things, attribute quotations to him that he didn't even say. And so that's something that, you know, if it happens in this day and age and, and J-R has thousands upon thousands of hours of recorded media of things, he said but if people can do that today, then I think that it's, it's definitely reasonable to look at how things were translated with the Bible in the past.

Nat: 10:18 And, and so if I were to look at that in terms of that verse in terms of a more spiritual context of the sound current, where the word he's talking about, the words, the follow that he's saying is really, it could be the words, the guidance he gave them, but it also could have been something about the sound current. And it works that way too, that if you follow that sound, you follow that sound current, that you are building your house on a solid foundation. The interesting thing about building that this year is a solid foundations. And sometimes when you have an old house, you need to knock that house down in that house needs to be torn down to the ground at times. So the new a new house can be built on that foundation. And sometimes even new foundations were laid and in order to build that house.

Nat: 11:19 So as you see things in this world being torn down of ways that have been and structures and systems, whether it's systems of how we function as groups as between people, the people and how we relate to each other. And, or as it has to do with organizational structures such as governments and, and ways that, and systems that people have used that are being changed, that are being torn down understand that sometimes that needs to happen in order for the solid foundations to be built. And so as so they're there brings in an element of a lot of cooperation and acceptance of what is taking place. And then a focus on what we're building, what we're laying the foundation for. And the one thing that I look at in terms of what has longevity what has endurance and there's things in this world they change.

Nat: 12:38 But that, that audible stream of God, that sound of God, that, that is there, that is something that that is, there's a story actually that heard from J-R about this King. And it was actually a place, it was a place where they would give a new King or elect or somehow choose a new person to be King every let's say five years. And when you are King, you could do anything. You were truly the, the dictator in a way. You are the Lord of the realm and you could do whatever you wanted. And after those five years, they would come up to the King and say, you know, it's, your time is up and you are no longer the King and here is the new King. And then the old King would be banished to this Island where there was wild beasts.

Nat: 13:32 And there was it was very wild and they would go there and suffer a difficult death and not last very long. And so this one guy who observed how this was happening when he became King, he chose to use all the, the builders and the warriors and to, to kill the beasts and to build beautiful palaces and beautiful gardens and stock up this Island so that it was a beautiful retreat while he was King. So he did that. And so then one day they came up to him and said, I'm sorry, you're no longer the King. This is now the King. And he was banished to that Island, but because he had built up all these beautiful palaces, he went and lived a very comfortable and wonderful life on the Island. And so in a way, I'm doing the spiritual exercises that we've talked about in the show doing moving yourself into that sound current, that greater higher awareness is building that solid foundation is building that place and preparing for that when you are no longer in the position you're in and you have to go to that Island with the beasts as you work on experiencing on attuning to that sound current.

Nat: 15:12 When that day does come, you have built this foundation on solid ground for, for the future of, of your soul's progression. And as you are walking around this earth this year bring in the light as much as you can because that is a great foundation to build the solid foundation. So wherever you go, you, you ask for the light to be there, you leave places more uplifted, better than you found them. You in your interactions with people, you you want to like bring the light in and have that light giving to them through you and asking the light, be with them as you interact with them. And as we maintain that positive focus, as all the changes are going on around us, we maintain that focus on the thing that is, that is our solid foundation, that is unchanging and the future, as J-R said, the future will take care of itself.

Nat: 16:22 And so that's something I just wanted to share with you that came to me about this coming year. Things that I'm looking at, how I look at what it means to have solid foundation and where you find that which is inside. And I hope that you all have a wonderful Christmas and new year's and holiday season. And I look forward to some exciting new stuff in the new year, including I'll be in London. If any of you are in London, you can write me, go to my website, and write me, there's a workshop I'm doing, it's called Set the Tone for the New Year. And then after that I'm doing a Q&A and discussion with people about the time I spent with my teacher almost two decades, living and traveling the world and working with him and what that was like to live with a spiritual teacher, a spiritual master. And I'm doing that work with him. And so come see me. January 11th is at the Columbia hotel at Lancaster gate. And also keep your ears peeled because going to have some guests and some new content coming out next year. Super excited about it. God bless you all. And we'll be talking to soon

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