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In this brief episode, I keep with the recent theme of discussing "the basics" to spiritual awakening and progression. I talk about the basic quality of acceptance, known as the first law of Spirit. I include a quote from one of my favorite Walt Whitman poems, "To Him That Was Crucified", and also a quote from John-Roger's book "The Tao of Spirit".

Episode 42: Acceptance - Transcript

Nat: Hi and welcome to transcend with nat. This is Nat. I'm your host. And keeping in line with the last episode where we got back to basics. I'm going to talk today, it will probably be a short episode, but I just want to discuss one of the primary spiritual laws, which is acceptance.

J-R John-Roger, my teacher called it the first law of Spirit. And it is one of the primary aspects if you're working on awakening yourself, that you will be needing to move more into, in your life, in your awareness and your consciousness. And in acceptance. We're not talking about belief, we're just talking about accepting, acknowledging, and so if someone says that there's a flying saucer outside, it doesn't mean that you have to believe it. It just means that you accept that that person said that there's a flying saucer outside and there is one note to make that though we accept and we would come into greater and greater acceptance of the others, the other people in the world, the situations out there in the world and as we come into greater acceptance of all the various aspects of ourselves in and embrace all parts of ourselves with loving and acceptance that we can also in our life, it doesn't preclude us from choosing those things in making our preferences and our decisions based on what is for our greater upliftment. We can make those choices in our lives. It doesn't mean that we just do anything, and everything's just fine no matter what we do, it, it also, there's an aspect we still choose those things which are in line with our highest good and highest good of all concerned. All of those that our decisions affect and that we can make our decisions with our focus our spiritual focus as our guiding light and in our decision making process and in the choices that we make in our lives and how in our actions. And the things that we do that though we move ourself in our consciousness into greater acceptance, we still choose those things which are aligned with our higher purpose, and with our loving and with, with our intentions so that's just a one aspect of acceptance.

I want to read a quote from Walt Whitman that I like, which to me in a way demonstrates acceptance. A quote would be, from one of his poems

We walk silent among disputes and assertions, but reject not the disputers, nor any thing that is asserted; We hear the bawling and din—we are reach'd at by divisions, jealousies, recriminations on every side, They close peremptorily upon us, to surround us, my comrade, Yet we walk unheld, free, the whole earth over

And that's a quote from Walt Whitman and it goes well with a quote from J-R, which says,

How can you have understanding without first having acceptance? You must accept the people around you. You must accept the people out in the world. You must accept the people who are killing other people. Must. For in this acceptance, you can control their slaughtering. In your understanding, you can show them the way. In your cooperation, you can lift the world. And by your enthusiasm, the Soul walks alive in the human form. You have then fulfilled the spiritual consciousness present. But it will be hardly recognized because the man of understanding is misunderstood. For you cannot understand what it is to have understanding.

And I think that his admonition for us to accept those things in a way that are very difficult. To accept the people who are killing other people and accept, here's a difficult one for today accept the politicians, whatever side you're on accept both sides. To accept that that's what's happening. And one of the ways that helps me, or a way that I, one of the tools I've used to help me in moving into greater accept acceptance is that of moving into observation where you're just stating what you saw take place where you're just looking through nonjudgmental eyes at the world and that's one way of moving into it.

Now, one of the things internally that can move us out of acceptance, especially with others, especially when we're dealing in the personal levels where there are things that happen, situations that happen in our lives, especially with others, especially with those close to us that can create disturbance, it can create hurt. Hurt is one of the big things that can stop us from our acceptance. And judgments. Hurt and judgments I think are two major things. They can block us from that, from greater acceptance of another, and oftentimes, that hurt is they come from an underlying belief. They come from, they come from a perceived separation from God ultimately. And that, that we are somehow different than that, and it comes in form of a judgment in a judgment that is based on that separation from God.

And so when looking at moving into greater acceptance, when we look at, fulfilling this first principle, this first law of Spirit , one of the important things becomes to work on healing those hurts so that we may have greater acceptance of others and so that we may, and then forgiving the judgment so that we may have greater acceptance of ourselves and of how we see the world around us. Because the world is the way it is. And, and we are the way we are. And it's really our perceptions, our judgments, our hurts, the things that take those things that take us out of acceptance that we work to let go of, that we work to forgive, that we work to heal. And that allows us to more fully accept the world around us and move into that consciousness.

So I know this is a short episode, but I just wanted to, address that, that concept of acceptance and share that with you as I look at some of the basic principles of spirituality of living a spiritual based life. And so I hope that this was a nice reminder for those of you who already know this information, and maybe allow you to go deeper in your spiritual practice in your working towards greater acceptance and bringing greater clarity to what that is and the ways that you can move into that. So I hope you have a wonderful week and that you are able to move more and more into acceptance of yourself, loving of yourself and of the world around you.

God bless you.

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