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Episode 41:

The Basics

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The Basics

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In this episode, I'm getting back to the basics, and discussing the key truths which are the basis for all of the techniques and concepts we discuss on the show. I tell a story from my time with J-R, and sprinkle in some quotes from Kahlil Gibran, the Bible and Seneca.

I'm going to start putting up the transcripts of the podcasts, including the interviews. If anyone wants to help me double check the automatic transcription software for any of the episodes before I put them up, please let me know. There's a lot of words in 40 episodes!!!

Here is the transcript for this one:

Episode 41: The Basics - Transcript

Hi and welcome to Transcend with Nat. This is Nat. I'm your host today and this is the 41st episode. We've been going for over 40 now. So thank you to all the listeners out there, all of you who listened, who write in, it's really nice to hear from you. And, in case you're new, you can always go to my website, and there's a contact page there and you can get ahold of me that way. Anyway, I thought just since we've been going for awhile now, I had the inspiration to discuss with you what this is all based on. All of these spiritual tools and techniques and things that we bring forward here , and even the purpose and the interviews and everything that this is based on, some key foundational principles that I would just like to share with you since I don't think we've really tapped into that level and, discussed them before.

So the first thing is that out of God comes all things and we can go back to Seneca who said "God is the universal substance in existing things. He comprises all things. He is the fountain of all being in him exists. Everything that is." And so everything comes out of God and the next part of that is that God loves all of its creation because that is the nature of God. The nature of God is love, and actually that reminds me of Kahlil Gibran. I have it here. The Prophet for those of you who have never read the Prophet, it is a beautiful, beautiful book. Right here, says "When you love you should not say 'God is in my heart,' but rather, 'I am in the heart of God.' And think not you can direct the course of love, for love, if it finds you worthy, directs your course."

And to me another word for God is love. And even the Bible says that "God is love and he that dwells in love dwells in God and God in him." To me, in my experience, the nature of God is love. The expression of God is love. And when you move into the higher realms, the best word that I know of is loving in terms of the essential quality. And so once you have more of those experiences, as you move your consciousness up in your awareness, loving becomes an essential aspect of this work, because if you bring loving in, then you're really aligning yourself with God and with God's expression. And I'm not talking about the loving of the emotions. That's nice. I'm not talking about a possessive loving. I'm talking about the higher loving that is compassionate. That is, that is with you and everything.

And that is, how that works is that you are a Soul and a Soul is that energy of God. It is an extension of God. That is who you truly are. And once you let go of these things that are the illusions of this world, which is, the things that won't remain after we pass away the personality, the body, and we get to the essential core of, of who we truly are and that energy of life itself, that is a Soul. That is, one way I heard it says it's a unit of energy and it is that extension of the divine. And so in that there is oneness with God. And as you recognize who you are, who you truly are, you will recognize that loving essence that you are, which is the Soul, which is one with God.

And it's that higher glove that is really, in the action of it, it's looking, it's aware, it's moving in the direction of the highest good. And it can be. The nice way to get into it on this level is through serving of others, through being of service. And J-R, John Roger, my spiritual teacher who taught me all of this and who also showed me and took me into other levels of consciousness, he said that service is the highest expression on this planet. And so if you really want to move into more of that awareness, then look at little ways that you can serve others. It can be as simple as sending the light to someone, who's having difficulty. And this life really just goes by so quickly and we can accumulate so many things and do so many things and accomplish things.

But truly the important, the most important from as I see it, is to become aware of who you are as the Soul. And the Soul is as an extension of God is perfect. People who say for instance, that, your Soul is going to go to hell or is damned, or something, if you don't do what they tell you you're supposed to do, it's really just a load of shit to be quite frank, and it's really an unnecessary way to go. And I'm not recommending that you believe anything that I'm telling you today. I mean, if you, if you have a belief system already, I would recommend upgrading it to this one because it is, if you're going to believe it is a superior from what I can see, belief system to many of them out there, however, I really don't recommend living your life based on belief.

What use is it if you have to believe it, to me the, the better way, the superior way of living is to let go of the beliefs so that you can come into the awareness of what truly is. And the more you can let go of those beliefs and move your awareness into that which is, the more of these realities can come present in your awareness. So that rather than having to believe them, that you know them from that place of inner knowing and from that place of that awareness. And so really that those are some key concepts and ideas and realities truly, and their realities once you, for you, once you actually become aware of them. And a lot of these tools, a lot of these techniques, they're all geared to open your awareness more and more to that reality so that you can know so that you can know.

One of the ways I look at God as I look at God like an ocean and I don't know, , the accuracy of this, but this is just something that I, the way I've, mentally formulated it as a way of expressing it. So you can see the ocean and you can say, I've seen the ocean. Just like you can see God and say, I've seen God, but the ocean, but the ocean in say, northern California is a very different ocean than in Bora Bora and Tahiti, French Polynesia. It's the same ocean. It's still the same waters. But the experience of it is so vastly difference, a different than each other. And so to me at it's always a continuation of and a deepening of and a becoming more and more aware of this ocean of God, which has been referred to as the divine ocean of love and mercy.

And to have all these different experiences and to move into these different awarenesses, , that you can see these different aspects or these different levels of awareness of the spirit of God. And so really it is an amazing journey. And it's a journey that you continue on because maybe you think that you, you've gone to the Great Lakes and you think that that's the ocean or you see a small pond even, and that at first, because you've never seen anything as big as that, you think that's the ocean. So the, the whole idea here is rather than to lock in the different experiences that we have, that we just continually move to the next experience and we continually move and it's called, etc, eternally traveling consciousness. We just keep moving more and more and, whatever comes our way that we, we use it and we make our intention and our life aligned with God and aligned with the spirit.And one of the ways to do that is to have it aligned with loving. One of my experiences is there's a period where I was just making a mess of things, at least from how I was perceiving it at the time. And I had really, from my way of looking, made some mess ups or some mistakes or wasn't really sure if I was going to be able to continue working with my teacher at the time, with John Roger. And, and I remember it was very unclear whether I'd be allowed to continue on working with him. And at some point, you know, I was really in it. I was really trying to control it inside of me or was really uptight about it and really upset about it and really, having a struggle internally about the whole thing. And finally I just let it go and I said to J-R, you know, I love you, and I'm just going to be of service as long as you let me.

And from that point on, things just kind of smoothed out and blew over over time. And I continued on and it just, it passed. But really it took me to that place where, to that place inside where what was really important, what was really my motivation became present. And I moved to that and I chose loving and service, and not even knowing what, and letting go control of the outer, not even knowing what was gonna happen, and, and there was an, at least in my mind, in my imagination, there was a possibility of some really uncomfortable and unpleasant experiences ahead of me if things went a certain way. And to move from to place where you just go, okay, I don't have control over that. I'm just going to do what I can do. And so to me that, that was a great lesson in really choosing loving no matter what the outer experiences and no matter what the consequences of actions may be, or anything else that even then you can choose to be loving and choose to express in service.

And so perhaps there are some, I know a lot of people I've talked to, have been talking to lately have been having quite a bit of challenges in their lives, and so for those of you, maybe some of you, this helps, for me to just tell you that story about bringing my intention in line with, with what is my intention. I don't really even look at an intention is something I have as much as almost like what Kahlil Gibran was saying that it has me and that my job is to become aware of what that is and oftentimes it's in the crucible of these challenging experiences where we awaken more fully to what our true intention is and what that true motivator of our life is. And then if we choose, we can choose to make that our focus.

And that's always a choice. And as we make that, that true intention that is within us already, that is already a motivator within it and within us, if we make that our intention, then we can come into greater alignment with the spirit, with God. And that's based on all the things that I talked about at the beginning of this. So anyway, I just wanted to share with you some of the core principles, some of the core tenets in ideas, and really the core truths of what the work I do is based on and what these podcasts and all of these type of offerings and techniques and tools for your learning and growth, what it's all based on. So I hope you all are having a wonderful time. And even if you aren't, I hope that you're using it for your learning, for your growth, and for your deepening of your loving, even when it gets really hard. Because I know sometimes it really does get challenging and that's really the time to awakene to the strength that is within you. So God bless you all and I hope to have you listening next time.

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