Monthly Focus Gathering: FORGIVENESS

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Elevate your Life with the Monthly Focus

This month’s focus: Forgiveness.

This free online gathering will support you in integrating forgiveness into your everyday life by deepening your experience of forgiveness.

Support yourself and others as you hold a shared spiritual focus each month.


Sunday, February 11th, 2024

1pm Los Angeles. | 4pm New York | 5pm Puerto Rico | 9pm London | 8am Sydney (+1 day)


Online | Zoom

How Long:

1 hour

What will we do:

Learn about the Forgiveness and how to use it with the Monthly Focus

Let go of burdens using forgiveness during a guided meditation 

Sharing and Q&A with Nat

How do you participate in the Monthly Focus?

1. Choose an area of your life (finances, work, health, etc), a relationship (parent, partner, kid, co-worker, yourself, etc), or a situation (lawsuit, audit, moving, finding a new car to buy, etc). Preferably something that has “charge” for you, that presents a challenge, or takes you out of your experiencing peace and loving.

2. Describe in your journal the area/relationship/situation, and why you have chosen it, as well as any challenges you have.

3. Everyday this month, say forgiveness statements about the area, relationship, or situation.

Specifically, you will say, “I forgive myself for judging __________”.

You will fill in the blank with however you are judging yourself, others, and the situation in relation to your chosen subject.

You will cycle through forgiveness statements at least once a day for one minute.

When doing forgiveness, it is not the actual person or situation that you need to forgive but your judgments of them. I define judgment as a thought with negative emotional charge that rests on the idea that it/they/you should be different. It is your judgment about the person, their behavior, or the situation that you hold inside of you which alters your perception negatively and keeps you caught in the material levels. Your judgments can create illness and disease, not allow hurts to heal, and hold you back from having the life of loving and joy that is yours to live.

Forgiveness is the key to letting go of your judgments and healing the hurts. Forgiveness allows you to go free and reside more fully in the higher consciousness, experiencing greater loving for yourself and others.

4. At the end of the forgiveness statements, finish with:

“I forgive myself for forgetting that I am divine, and I let it all go into the Light for the highest good.” (Alternatively, if you relate to the Christ spiritually, you can swap out “Light” for “Christ”) 

5. Track each day you do this on a tracking sheet (downloadable tracking sheet here). Print it up, write “Forgiveness” in left column, and mark in the box for each day you do forgiveness statements.

6. At the end of the month, review and write down any shifts and changes to this particular situation or how you have changed inside towards it.

7. Join the online gathering

Nathaniel Nat Sharratt Bordeaux France Black & White Smile

Why I’m Sharing These Tools and Why They Are So Valuable

I spent the early years of my life working at the side of a great mystic and educator, John-Roger, learning and practicing spiritual principles, and teaching the inner path of awakening. I got to have the experience of living a life of purpose and meaning.

The next phase of my life was spent in the business world. I missed the spiritual work that seemed so aligned with my purpose and longed for the inspiration of feeling like my work was meaningful and not just a grind.

I had to find a way to bring that spark back into my life so that I didn’t live a life of “quiet desperation” as Thoreau called it.

I got to work persistently applying the tools that I had learned in those decades with my teacher. I was looking for tangible results in this “real world” environment. Eventually, I found the special sauce.

Once my awareness shifted, I found greater purpose, fun and fulfillment again without needing to change my outer work. I was so grateful for my life! Once I found the loving and happiness where I was, my life shifted again.

It was a tumultuous change in my life, and required me to once again really apply all the tools that I had found to work, which once again proved to me that this really works!

My life and work changed to what it is now: sharing how to integrate these spiritual principles in everyday life.

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